A platform where creators meet brands.

BrandsPay is a platform which help brands to easily create campaign and share it with creators, Creators create the content share it on their social media and brands get instant results.

Connect With Creators

BrandsPay software allows you to discover content creators suitable for your campaign and your product and track your campaign in realtime and discover the total impact of your creator marketing.

Why should a brand spend on BrandsPay marketing?

With the barrage of ads we’re exposed to each day, it’s not surprising that we trust people more than logos. Studies show that we trust people about twice as much as we trust brands and organizations.Creators are the celebrities of the new world.

Influencer marketing has never been this easy.

So much of amount is being spent on signing a deal with Influencers in Bollywood and Cricket industry. Fraction of that amount can be spent on the real influencers, who will use your product, talk about it and engage their followers in real time.

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Get paid for the content you love creating

Are you a creator and love creating content we will match you with right brands and you will get paid for sponsoring their product.
Isn't that easy?

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we don't Call them Creators For Nothing

How It works

Brands sign up on BrandsPay and create an influencer campaign through our user friendly brands dashboard

 Campaign builder and app preview

As soon as brands create a campaign, creators are notified and they start Submitting application as per their interest.

  Creators will see your campaign appear in the iOS app and can apply immediately.

Based on brands profile, they can easily shortlist creators for their campaign.

  A Creator’s stats and latest photo stream allow for quick assessments and brand compatibility

Shortlisted creators create engaging content and share with brands for their review and approval.

  You have 100% control over who and what gets posted.

Creators publish approved content on their Instagram profile.

  Incredibly rich content across many different Creators

Monitor insights - monitor all the insights about your campaign engagement rate average likes, comments and impression on your campaign.

  Monitor key campaign stats in real-time